AidChild Education Sponsor 

Thank you for your commitment to sponsor one of AidChild's children in their schooling.

Your $25 per month gift covers tuition, books, school supplies, school activities, and uniforms. As amazing as it seems, just the small amount of 84 cents a day makes a huge difference. I cannot emphasize too much the power that purpose made real in education has in the well-being of each child.

You are literally a lifesaver!

In order to match you with a student, please complete the selections below. And be certain we at AidChild take your confidence in us seriously. We NEVER spam, NEVER rent email addresses given to us to anyone, NEVER sell it either, so you may be confident in providing it here.

The information you provide will help us match the right student to you. What's more, you are eligible for a free subscription (You can opt out at any time) to the AidChild Newsletter which will find its way to you once a month.

Completing the form below and clicking on the blue box gets you started. Once your email is confirmed (so we can send information about the student you are helping) you will receive the instruction on how to complete payment.

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